Erina Morunga

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“I believe the best decision is an informed decision”

Kia ora!

I am Erina Morunga, Director and Registered Migration Agent

of Morunga Migration

I was born in Aotearoa/New Zealand and I am of Māori and European descent. My whānau/family and I originate from Te Tai Tokerau, the Hokianga and Whangarei. We migrated from Aotearoa to Australia in 2007 not realising we would face issues due to our immigration status in the years to come.

I am married, have 6 adult children and 7 mokopuna/grandchildren. My professional background is Education and Migration Law & Practice and I am particularly passionate about our unique (and widely misunderstood) immigration status as New Zealand citizens living in Australia.

In 2013 the journey began with me running voluntary information sessions around the country to raise awareness and education around the harm and negative impact immigration laws cause to New Zealand citizens living in Australia.

Due to the lack of professional support and specialised immigration advice in this area  I embarked on yet another journey to educate myself. As a result, I studied Migration Law & Practice via the Australian National University in 2016.

I’m not quite sure how I managed to successfully complete the course because it was extremely difficult and there didn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to cram work, study and family into each day! Nevertheless, I’m grateful to have passed and to be here working in this much needed space.

Upon graduating in September 2017, I wasted no time in setting up Morunga Migration and have been advising and supporting fellow Kiwis since.

I believe we need experienced professionals in the immigration industry who are specialised in this extremely difficult area of migration and citizenship law because there are far too many New Zealand citizens who are or can become vulnerable.

The journey to becoming a registered migration agent (RMA) has been a tough road but well worth the effort and the rewards of seeing families secure their futures is second to none.

Nga mihi nui, Erina Morunga


Like so many, I was raised to value the importance of whānau/family, social cohesion, giving people fair and equitable opportunities and taking good care of our communities.

I believe anyone who is allowed to live long term, particularly from childhood, has substantial ties and has made substantial contributions to Australia deserves security and peace of mind. I also believe, without a doubt, that we New Zealand citizens are a vulnerable group of non citizens, largely because we cannot vote and we don’t have any strong political representation. 

​With this in mind, my number one goal is to support fellow New Zealand citizens in becoming dual Australian/New Zealand citizens in a timely and efficient manner. Once this is acheived they can become part of the democratic process, exercise their right to vote and to have security for themselves and their families, without discrimination or political barriers.

To achieve this, our unique service and experience was created to specifically assist fellow New Zealand citizens in achieving their immigration goals. 

It is also my ongoing goal to continue highlighting the inequalities and inequities that have caused significant harm to our precious New Zealand community both here in Australia and those back home in Aotearoa.​

“One by one we are building an army of voters with the aim to create a positive change for our New Zealand families and future generations who live in Australia.”