Many may say our job is just paperwork, but if only it were that easy!!

Thanks to the incredible team who work tirelessly behind the scenes striving for perfection we have been able to grow and develop the quality and accuracy of our service to such a high degree that it truly is second to none!

From the initial contact that people make with us to the very end, our team ensure each detail and aspect of the application process is as stress free for our clients as possible, knowing they are in safe and capable hands.

We are now into our fourth year and looking back is quite surreal when we think of how far we have come and how many families we’ve been able to assist along the way.

Immigration processes are so complex we find even the most seemingly straight forward cases more often than not have unexpected twists and turns.

In fact, it’s a worry when we know an applicant qualifies, however, their applications could be refused on some administrative error, a case officer who wants to make it more difficult than it needs to be or simply misunderstanding the criteria and providing incorrect information.

Such errors and challenges are enough to send anyone into stressed out mode!

Experienced migration assistants are very difficult to find and I’ve found over the years it takes a lot of patience and effort to train staff to fulfil the role. But not only that, they must have an understanding and deep sense of empathy and importance of the role we all play in providing assistance.

However, finding the right people who are able to cope with the rigorous training and come through the other side makes it all worthwhile and without our team I simply could not do what I do to the large scale I do it. There just isn’t enough time in the day or weeks in the year!

What helps a great deal is all our team members are New Zealand citizens themselves. They all bring that infamous Kiwi work ethic and can do attitude which is a must in this industry. They also understand from first hand experience why immigration goals are so crucial to ones’ security and future. Who could ask for more right?

Introducing our team I would first like to introduce Emily (we call her Emz or Emmy). Emz is our accounts manager and migration assistant and hails from the Far North, Taipa. She’s now been with us for over 2 years and is our most experienced and senior migration assistant. She is our go-to person when trying to call us because she is able to either point you in the right direction or book a consultation over the phone. Besides, my head is so buried in applications and research I never have time nowadays to take phone calls anymore.


Our second team member is Glenda (or ‘G’ as she likes to be called) and her family hails from Rangi Point in the Hokianga and Te Ahu Ahu. She grew up in Mangere, Te Awamutu, Moerewa and has been living in Whangaparoa, New Zealand. She still lives in NZ and she joined our team in January 2019. However, since COVID struck she has had to work purely online which was no easy feat I can tell you. Thankfully however, she is incredibly innovative, motivated and creative. She is our prized administration manager who oversees the thousands of emails and messages we receive and works as my second migration assistant also.


The latest addition to our team is Tania (we call her Tanz) who joined us in January 2021. Tanz grew up in Moerewa, Te Ahu Ahu, attended Okaihau College and later moved to Hamilton before coming to Australia. She’s lived in Australia since 2008 and has taken a giant leap from the mining industry into the migration industry. Tanz is eager to grow her knowledge and expertise and she has started out as our junior migration and accounts assistant.

Ironically all the Morunga Migration team are family members of mine who had an inside glimpse of the vision and have caught the immigration bug so to speak. Sorry not sorry whānau!!


At this time I am still the only migration agent in Australia

 who specialises in this widely misunderstood area of immigration and New Zealanders living in Australia. Our team all plan to one day become migration agents themselves and have either enrolled to study further have started already.

Aside from the visa and citizenship applications we do, I have not lost my desire to work within our communities where time and resources permit. I recently wrote a Evidence of Citizenship Pilot Education Program to assist young people who were born in Australia in understanding whether they are Australian citizens and how to go about obtaining evidence of their Australian citizenship.

I’m also mentoring another fellow New Zealand citizen who is currently studying migration law as well as assisting a PHD student who wants to write their thesis around the visa cancellation process, deportation and displacement of New Zealand citizens returning to New Zealand from Australia has affected their lives.

Our work is never ending but we all thoroughly enjoy the rewards of helping others achieve their immigration goals and become secure.

There is lots to do and thousands of families that we must reach and who need our help.

As a final note, since I mentioned everyone’s nicknames, my nickname is Edz haha!

This blog is dedicated to my amazing team whom I am grateful for everyday and to all our wonderful clients and families whom have come to know our team on a more personal level.

Nga mihi nui,
Erina Morunga
MARN: 1797713

PHOTOS: Edz (me), Emz (my daughter in law), G (cousin) and Tanz (sister)