Are you eligible to apply for an Australian Citizenship Certificate?

Note: This information is provided directly from the Department of Home Affairs

Evidence for Australian citizenship online application process

This is an application for a person who is an Australian citizen to get evidence of their Australian citizenship. It is not an application to become an Australian citizen.


The applicant can apply for evidence of Australian citizenship if one of the following applies.

The applicant was:

  • born in Australia before 20 August 1986 and is an Australian citizen by birth
  • born in Australia on or after 20 August 1986 and at least one parent was a permanent resident or Australian citizen at the time of their birth
  • born in Australia on or after 20 August 1986 and spent the first 10 years of their life in Australia
  • previously issued with an Australian citizenship certificate (this includes children listed on a parent’s citizenship certificate) and is seeking to replace it
  • previously issued with an extract which showed their registration as an Australian citizen by descent
  • a permanent resident and adopted in Australia on or after 22 November 1984 and became an Australian citizen
  • born in the former Australian Territory of Papua before 16 September 1975 and retained their Australian citizenship
  • born outside Australia before 26 January 1949 to a father who was born in Australia, and the applicant arrived in Australia before 1 May 1987 and acquired Australian citizenship.

For more information refer to Get a citizenship certificate – Eligibility.


The application fee will be charged at lodgement. Generally, fees are not refundable.

Fee exemption

No fee is payable if the applicant is applying to replace a certificate that was lost, destroyed or damaged due to a declared natural disaster.

To receive the fee exemption, the disaster must be listed on the Australian Government Disaster Assist website and the application must be made within 18 months of the date listed for the disaster.

The fee exemption cannot be requested through ImmiAccount.

To confirm eligibility and for information on how to apply, visit our website Replace citizenship evidence after a natural disaster.

Attaching documents

If the application does not have all the required documents attached, processing of the application may be delayed.

A completed paper Form 1195 Identity Declaration and endorsed photograph must also be scanned and attached to the online application.

Any documents that are not in English must be accompanied by an official translation. For applicants in Australia, use a translator accredited by the National Accreditation Authority of Translators and Interpreters (NAATI).

For applicants living outside Australia, check the website of our office outside Australia for advice on acceptable translators.

Attach the official translation and the document which is not in English to the online application.

More information about translating documents is at Step 2 Prepare your documents.

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