Medical Questionnaire

Please complete a medical questionnaire, separately for each visa applicant and click the submit button.

We will then prepare your Medical Referral Letter which will contain your HAP ID number and provide instructions on how to book your medical appointment.

Further Information:

  • Medical appointments can only be made once a Medical Referral Letter has been provided which will contain a HAP ID. A HAP ID number is linked to your visa application.
  • Medical appointments for the purposes of visa applications can only be made through BUPA Medical Visa Services who are contracted by the Department of Home Affairs. It is not possible to have a medical examination done through your own doctor.
  • If you have a serious medical condition, disability or other medical concern, please let us know. We recommend obtaining a letter from your specialist or GP to describe your condition, prognosis, medications and treatment plan to take to your visa medical appointment.
  • For important information regarding the medical examination please go to BUPA’s website
  • For further information and Frequently Asked Questions please go to Questions & Answers

If you have any issues or concerns please contact us and we will be able to assist you.

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