Not sure what help you need?

No problem, you’ve come to the right place

We help people with their visa & citizenship applications as well as dealing with any complex immigration problems such as visa refusals and appeals.

We also recommend getting the right advice the first time

It’s so easy to go round in circles, sometimes for years!

We provide immigration advice, information and assistance to suit your needs

We provide a wealth of information and services free of charge and for those requiring professional advice and assistance we have paid services also.

Just needing to ask a few questions?

Sure, we provide a free callback service where one of our experts can help you with general information and point you in the right direction.

We also do weekly live videos on facebook and post these to our Youtube channel

Each week we like to bring the latest news, experiences, updates and answer questions on our live videos.

Need specialist advice for a straight forward type of case?

We conduct 1 hour formal assessments and provide advice on what the best pathways and strategies are. Fee applies.

Need urgent advice and/or assistance for a complex matter?

We will conduct a formal assessment and analyse material to try to identify solutions to help resolve your immigration matter. Fees apply.

Need assistance with making an application?

We provide a written estimate of the costs once we have completed an assessment.

What are the costs?

Costs and fees vary for the different services and applications and there is no obligation to go through with any of our services.

  • Callbacks are free
  • Consultations are $660 for 1 hour
  • Complex Consultations are $1,650 for 3 hours in total
  • Our professional fees vary depending on a number of factors ranging from preparing and lodging applications, urgent matters, complex matters, preparing written submissions, after hours, research and advocacy work and lodging appeals with the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)
  • We also provide professional support free of charge to social service providers and professionals who work with those who are vulnerable in our communities
  • Application charges vary depending on the type of visa, citizenship or other application matters
  • Where applicable, we also refer clients to other immigration professional who specialise in various areas

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