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  1. Consultation Options:
    • Bookings to be made by completing our Consultation Booking Form (suitable for individuals and families)
      • Per 30 mins: Fee $330 (follow up consultation only)
      • Per 60 mins: Fee $660 (follow up consultation only)
  • Elibility Assessments
      • Per 40 minutes: Fee $440 (suitable for individuals)
      • Per 60 minutes: Fee $660 (suitable for couples, families)
  • Complex Cases
      • 180 minutes minimum is needed for complex cases : Fee $1,650
        • (suitable for serious character cases, visa/citizenship refusals & cancellations, unlawful status resolution, health waivers, Schedule 3, PIC 4020, Administrative Appeals Tribunal Assessments)
  • Additional fees apply for after-hours and urgent consultations

You must agree to our Terms and Conditions when booking a consultation

  • Consultations are typically held from 1pm to 4pm (ACST) Tuesdays to Thursdays or are subject to availability
  • After hours appointments may be arranged and incur an additional after-hours fee
  • Please read the information below regarding what our consultations include and DO NOT include
  • You agree to our Privacy Policy
  • You agree to the Terms and Conditions of our website usuage

Consultations Include

  • Consultation fees range from $330 to $1,650 (includes GST)
  • 30-60 minute video or face to face (Sydney area) consultations (eg. Zoom, Microsoft Teams)
  • Our hourly rate ranges from $385 to $510 per hour
  • An assessment of your current situation including those in your immediate family unit (eg. partner or dependent children)
  • Advice about what options you have available
  • Advice about what options could become available in the future if no pathways are currently available
  • Identify complex issues or possible risk factors
  • The likelihood of success or failure
  • Identify what the most cost and time effective pathway is for you
  • Explain eligibility criteria according to the Migration Regulations 1994 (Cth) and Citizenship Act 2007 (Cth)
  • Answer any questions you may have about the advice given
  • Provide approximate costs and timeframes
  • We can give an approximate estimate of what the costs may be
  • If you decide to engage our services, we will provide you with a written estimate, Service Agreement and invoice
  • Terms and conditions of our services is a minimum 50% deposit and 50% payable before we finalise applications
  • You may be advised to book a further follow up consultation if there are additional complex issues identified

Consultations Do Not Include

  • Advice for other family members outside the family unit
  • Advice and instructions on how to do your own applications, including what forms to complete, how to answer questions, costs and processes
  • Ongoing or further advice once the consultation process is complete
  • Preparing applications or managing your immigration matter (unless engaged to be your representative)
  • A guarantee that we can identify pathways
  • A guarantee that your application would be approved
  • There are NO REFUNDS for clients who have no options available or are unhappy with the advice that has been provided
  • Additional research and additional consultations
  • Ongoing advice
  • Providing a written letter of advice (this can be provided at an additional fee)
  • Providing a written estimate of our fees and services


These are not compulsory, but can help if you have these details avaialable (if applicable):

  • All your passports, including expired passports
  • Birth certificate
  • Drivers Licence
  • Marriage certificate
  • Divorce decree
  • Evidence of any name changes
  • Police or court records of any criminal convictions
  • Address details for the past 10 years
  • Travel history in and out of Australia
  • Overseas travel history
  • Any visa information you may have had in the past
  • Correspondance from the Department of Home Affairs
  • Qualifications
  • Resume
  • Immediate family details (includes children, partner, parents, siblings): names, birth dates, where they were born, what citizenship do they hold

Available Payment Options

We accept bank transfer payments but if you wish to pay by credit card or receive an invoice first, please let us know and we will send you an invoice with the credit card link.

Please note: Your booking must be paid at least 24 hours in advance or it will not be approved.

Morunga Migration Pty Ltd
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Account: 1042 6674
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If you have any issues, please contact us on or 0433 485 556.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a consultation and/or assessment?

To receive professional advice about your immigration situation and reduce the risk of anything going wrong.

Why use a Registered Migration Agent?

We believe in getting things right the first time!

As registered migration agents (RMAs), we are specially trained in migration and citizenship law and must maintain ongoing training and requirements in order to re-register every 12 months. By engaging RMAs to manage your application you are ensuring your application will be prepared to the highest standards required, reduces potential and hidden risks and to avoid any unnecessary losses. It also makes for a very stressfree process for our clients.

What are the visa options available?

There are approximately 90+ different types of permanent and temporary visas in Australia. It is important that we assess each individual case before deciding which visa may be suitable.

As of 1 July 2023, most NZ citizens will not require a permanent visa of any kind in order to apply for Australian citizenship (subject to meeting eligibility criteria). We do however, recommend getting advice first.

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