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Immigration legislation is incredibly complex and any advice sought, no matter how big or small, needs to be analysed thoroughly. This is to ensure advice given is not only the best advice possible, but that the advice is accurate.

Booking a consultation and assessment is the most important first step that you can take to securing your future.

If you wish to book a Consultation right away:

We recommend booking a 45-60 minute consultation. See Consultation Booking Form (fee of $660.00 applies). This service suits people who want specialised advice and/or support with their immigration matter without any further delays.

If you wish to seek FREE information you may:

  1. Schedule a FREE call back by clicking on the Schedule a Call Back link.
  2. See our website for lots of information including our Freqently Asked Questions section.
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Our Fees

The consultation and assessment costs $660 and our hourly rates to manage immigration matters and represent our clients are $495 per hour.

Fees for visas, citizenship and disbursements vary from case to case. This is because each pathway has differing costs associated to the pathway. For example, Partner visas cost $7,850.00 whereas citizenship applications usually range between $240 to $490.

Get the right advice the first time

We understand how overwhelming and often frustrating it can be to find the right advice that suits your needs, especially if you are a New Zealand citizen or Pacific Islander or family members of either group.

This is because there are additional barriers that are complex and difficult to overcome or navigate. However, seeking professional advice from qualified and experience experts can save time, money and stress.

How to book a consultation?

By completing our Consultation Booking Form or calling 0433 485 556 to book a consultation over the phone.

Please note: Tuesdays are our dedicated consultation days which are held between 7am – 4pm (ACST) but alternative arrangements can be made subject to availability.

Consultations Include

  • Consultation fee $660 (includes GST)
  • Between 45-60 minute video or face to face (Sydney area) consultation (eg. Zoom, Microsoft Teams)
  • An assessment of your current situation including those in your immediate family unit (eg. partner or dependent children)
  • Advice about what options you have available
  • Advice about what options could become available in the future if no pathways are currently available
  • Identify complex issues or possible risk factors
  • The likelihood of success or failure
  • Identify what the most cost and time effective pathway is for you
  • Explain eligibility criteria according to the Migration Regulations 1994 (Cth) and Citizenship Act 2007 (Cth)
  • Answer any questions you may have about the advice given
  • Provide approximate costs and timeframes

Consultations Do Not Include

  • Advice for other family members outside the family unit
  • Advice and instructions on how to do your own applications, including what forms to complete, how to answer questions, costs and processes
  • Ongoing or further advice once the consultation process is complete
  • Preparing applications or managing your immigration matter
  • A guarantee that we can identify pathways
  • A guarantee that your application would be approved
  • Refunds for clients who have no options available or are unhappy with the advice that has been provided
  • Additional research and additional consultations
  • Ongoing advice
  • Providing a written letter of advice
  • Providing a written estimate of our fees and services

Preparing For Your Booking

  • Read the Consumer Guide which outlines the role and responsibility of Registered Migration Agents and our legal obligations as provided in the Code of Conduct
  • Bookings are usually on Tuesdays unless alternative arrangements have been made, subject to availability
  • We will confirm the date and time once payment has been received and will send you a Zoom meeting link
  • Advice given is based on the accuracy of information provided in alignment with the current migration and citizenship laws at that time (migration legislation is amended frequently and subject to change without notice​)
  • Ensure you have read and agree to our Cancellation & No Show Policy

Available Payment Options

We accept direct debit payment for all consultation bookings. Please either pay via credit card when booking your appointment time, or transfer directly to the bank details provided below.

Morunga Migration Pty Ltd
BSB: 065-157
Account: 1042 6674
Reference: Your First and Last Name

If you wish to pay over the phone or reschedule your booking, contact one of our friendly staff members on or 0433 485 556.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a consultation?

The short answer is so you know what options are available to you and to avoid making serious mistakes. We deal with numerous cases where serious damage and consequences are being faced by people who opted to do their own applications for whatever reason, whether it was to save on costs or they believed they could navigate the process without professional support. In the end, these cases end up costing the applicants much more and their prospects of success have been greatly compromised.

Why use a Registered Migration Agent?

Registered migration agents (RMAs) are specially trained in migration and citizenship law and must maintain ongoing training and requirements in order to re-register every 12 months. By engaging RMAs to manage your application you are ensuring your application has a far greater degree of success and to avoid any unnecessary heartache, stress and extra costs.

What are the visa options available?

There are approximately 90+ different types of permanent and temporary visas in Australia but very few will apply to New Zealand citizens. The most common visa types that New Zealand citizens may be eligible for are (but not limited to):

  • Partner visas,
  • Skilled Independent visa, subclass 189 (New Zealand Stream) (including exemptions)
  • Child sponsor visas,
  • Complex Resident Return visas
  • Citizenship applications
  • Subclass 461 (NZ Family Relationship Visa)
  • Subclass 494 Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) Visa
  • Subclass 491 Skill Work Regional (Provisional) visa
  • Subclass 482 Temporary Skill Shortage Visa

We have a uniquely vast array of knowledge and experience of how immigration impacts other areas of New Zealand/Pacific Island citizens lives. We understand how our immigration status may impact our opportunities for educational support, health, employment, travel and social security entitlements. Therefore, a holistic approach is crucial when assessing fellow New Zealand citizens’ immigration needs and goals.

In addition, we have formed a strong network of proven experts in other areas of the immigration field that we can recommend and refer where appropriate.

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