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Initial Consultations & Assessments

What We Offer

  • Options Analysis: Explore the potential avenues based on your provided information.
  • Criteria Explanation: Understand the visa or citizenship requirements specific to your case.
  • Process Timeline: Receive an estimated timeline for the completion of your application.
  • Cost Estimate: Get a detailed breakdown of all costs involved in the process.

Fee Structure

Initial Consultation (Straight forward cases)

  • Fee: AUD $330.00
  • Details: One-hour appointment to gather information and conduct an initial assessment.
  • Provide: Written report and estimated costs

Initial Consultation (Complex cases)

  • Fee: AUD $440.00
  • Details: *Tailored for complex cases. Includes a one-hour consultation.
  • Provide: Written report and estimated costs
  • Note: Additional administrative charges for document review and correspondence may apply. These will be advised on a case-by-case basis.

Initial Consultation Package (Complex cases)

  • Fee: AUD $1,650.00
  • Details: *Designed for complex cases requiring substantial advice, document review, research, and written advice. Includes two one-hour appointments and four hours of additional work.
  • Provide: Written report and estimated costs

NEW: Citizenship by Conferral Sessions (via Zoom)

  • Fee: AUD $25.00
  • Details: Suitable for group sessions and individuals seeking general guidance. Duration: 2-3 hours.
  • Note: Fee is non-refundable.

Free 10-Minute Callback Service:

For general information, we offer a free 10-minute callback service. This allows you to quickly get answers to basic queries without any commitment. To take advantage of this service, please contact us to schedule your callback.

Support in Extreme Hardship:

In cases of extreme hardship, we offer heavily discounted fees to ensure you can still receive necessary advice. If you believe you qualify for this assistance, please call us at 0433 485 556 or email us at to discuss your situation. We’re here to help.

Additional Information

  • Conditions: Additional charges may apply for administrative tasks, after-hour consultations, and urgent service needs.

*Examples of complex cases may include character issues, refusals, Schedule 3, No Further Stay, Seeking work rights, unlawful non-citizens, providing technical advice, advice about the appeals process to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

Booking Your Consultation: Important Information

Agreement to Terms: By booking a consultation, you agree to our Terms and Conditions and acknowledge our Privacy Policy. You also agree to the Terms and Conditions governing our website usage.

Consultation Schedule:

  • Regular Hours: Consultations are available from 1 PM to 4 PM (AEST), Tuesdays to Thursdays.
  • Availability: All consultations are subject to availability. Please book in advance to secure your preferred time.

After Hours Appointments:

  • After-hours appointments can be arranged depending on availability.
  • An additional fee will be charged for consultations outside of regular hours.

Appointment Duration:

  • If your appointment exceeds the initially booked timeframe, additional fees will be charged on a pro rata basis.

Late Arrivals:

  • Please note that if you arrive late, the time missed will be deducted from the duration of your scheduled consultation. The responsibility for any time lost due to late arrivals rests with the client.

Consultation Coverage: Please familiarise yourself with what is included and what is not included in our consultations. This information is crucial for ensuring that your expectations are met.

Initial Consultations & Assessments

Consultation Fees: Our fees range from $330 to $1,650 (GST included), depending on the complexity of your case.

Format: Consultations are conducted either face-to-face or via video call platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams, and typically last 60 minutes.

What’s Included:

  • Assessment of Your Circumstances: We review your current situation in light of the prevailing legislation.
  • Exploration of Pathways: We identify potential immigration pathways tailored to your specific circumstances.
  • Comprehensive Written Report: You will receive a detailed report outlining the available options, the requirements you need to meet for each, and the expected processing times.
  • Cost Breakdown: We provide a detailed breakdown of all costs associated with your case.

This format ensures you receive a clear understanding of our consultation process, what’s included, and how we can assist you with your immigration needs.

What Initial Consultations & Assessments Do Not Include

Initial consultations and assessments are designed to provide you with comprehensive initial guidance and do not cover the following:

  • DIY Application Guidance: We do not provide instructions on how to prepare and file your own applications.
  • Post-Consultation Support: Once the initial consultation is complete, ongoing advice is not included unless you engage us further.
  • Application Preparation: We do not prepare or manage your immigration matters during the initial consultation, unless specifically contracted to do so.
  • Guarantees: We cannot guarantee the identification of feasible pathways or the approval of any applications.
  • Refunds: Refunds are not available for clients who find they have no viable options or are dissatisfied with the advice provided.
  • Further Written Advice: Any additional written advice beyond the initial report is not included.
  • Ongoing Communications: Responding to further enquiries via email, phone calls, or messages after the initial consultation is not included.

Engagement for Further Services: For additional advice and services beyond the initial consultation, a signed Service Agreement is required as per the Code of Conduct, which may involve additional fees.


These are not compulsory, but can help if you have these details avaialable (if applicable):

  • All your passports, including expired passports
  • Birth certificate
  • Drivers Licence
  • Marriage certificate
  • Divorce decree
  • Evidence of any name changes
  • Police or court records of any criminal convictions
  • Address details for the past 10 years
  • Travel history in and out of Australia
  • Overseas travel history
  • Any visa information you may have had in the past
  • Correspondance from the Department of Home Affairs
  • Qualifications
  • Resume
  • Immediate family details (includes children, partner, parents, siblings): names, birth dates, where they were born, what citizenship do they hold

Available Payment Options

We accept bank transfer payments but if you wish to pay by credit card or receive an invoice first, please let us know and we will send you an invoice with the credit card link.

Please note: Your booking must be paid at least 24 hours in advance or it will not be approved.

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Account: 1042 6674
Reference: Your First and Last Name

If you have any issues, please contact us on or 0433 485 556.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a consultation and/or assessment?

Eligibility Determination:

  • Assessments help to determine whether an individual is eligible for a specific visa category, citizenship application or review rights to appeal an immigration matter such as a refusal or visa cancellation.

Legal Compliance:

  • Immigration laws and regulations are complex and can change frequently. An assessment ensures that the applicant is aware of and complies with the current immigration laws and policies. This helps to avoid legal issues and increases the chances of a successful application.

Documenatation Guidance:

  • Immigration assessments often provide guidance on the required documentation for the application process. This is crucial because incomplete or inaccurate documentation can lead to delays or refusals. Properly prepared documentation is essential to support the applicant’s case.

Risk Mitigation:

  • Assessments help individuals understand the potential challenges or obstacles they may face during the immigration process. This includes factors such as criminal history, health issues, or other eligibility concerns. Identifying potential issues in advance allows applicants to address them proactively.

Time & Cost Savings:

  • Going through an immigration assessment can save time and money in the long run. It helps applicants avoid pursuing the wrong immigration option or submitting incomplete applications, which could result in refusals, appeals, or the need to leave Australia and/or reapply.

Understanding Options:

  • Immigration assessments provide individuals with a clear understanding of the various immigration options available to them. This allows applicants to make informed decisions about the most suitable pathway based on their goals, qualifications, and circumstances.

Professional Advice:

  • Many individuals seek the assistance of registered migration agents or immigration lawyers for assessments. Professionals can provide valuable advice based on our knowledge and experience, ensuring that applicants have accurate information and are well-prepared for the immigration process.

In summary, immigration assessments play a crucial role in guiding individuals through the complex process of immigrating to a new country. They help applicants understand their eligibility, comply with legal requirements, gather the necessary documentation, and make informed decisions about the best immigration pathway for their specific situation.

Why use a Registered Migration Agent?

We believe in getting things right the first time and have seen the problems that can occur when applicants try to do their application on their own or seek help from unregistered individuals.

As registered migration agents (RMAs), we are specially trained in migration and citizenship law and practice and we must maintain ongoing training and requirements in order to re-register every 12 months.

By engaging experienced and reputable RMAs to manage your application you are ensuring your application will be prepared to the highest standards required, reduces potential and hidden risks and helps to avoid any unnecessary losses. It also makes for a very stressfree process for our clients.

What are the visa options available?

There are approximately 90+ different types of permanent and temporary visas in Australia. It is important that we assess each individual case before deciding which visa may be suitable.

As of 1 July 2023, most NZ citizens will not require a permanent visa of any kind in order to apply for Australian citizenship (subject to meeting eligibility criteria). We do however, recommend getting advice first.

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