Interstate Information Sessions

Written on 15 December 2021 by Erina Morunga
Interstate Information Sessions

Immigration information sessions made easy to understand for New Zealand citizens.

Cost: Information sessions are all free of charge but please ensure you register to secure your place as numbers are limited due to COVID.

Join us for a few information packed days and social events.

Feedback of what people from MELBOURNE thought of our information sessions:

Thank you both for coming to Melbourne in helping many whanau & myself to gain Australian citizenship through your expert service.

​Thank very much ladies it was a really refreshing informative session. Much aroha to you both for giving your time to give the right and correct information. Have a safe journey back home much aroha and meitaki for your knowledge and time. Great meeting the other participants on Thursday as well love and blessings to all

Was shocked and a little bit brain damaged but once it all settled and i knew what I didnt know..I thought holyyyy..our people need to know this..our dinner afterwards was amazing Nga Puhi at the table

​Thank you so much for your words of wisdom and knowledge. Hope to be in touch soon to continue my whanaus path to a more stable life. Kia kaha kia toa kia manawanui to you both.

​Thank you for your knowledge and experience showing our people the way for a better secure life.

Thank you ladies for your help and knowledge

​THANK YOU!! the Most interesting, intriguing and Valuable information sharing session and enjoyable. Far exceeding my expectations today. My message to everyone is to get educated in who you are and where you are in terms of status before someone else who is unqualified leads you down the wrong rabbit hole where there’s no second chances ….a scary but true fact I learned today.

Oh “mines sweet as” NOT EVEN!!!…  Hubby & I thoroughly enjoyed our schooling yesterday. Appreciate you both for the shared knowledge, and transparency.

​It was worthwhile. Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge and all the tips for such a complex process

​Feedback of what people from SYDNEY thought of our information sessions:

To be honest I thought dang 3 hrs is long…. but there is so much we dont know it felt like we ran out of time, I am truly grateful Erana came to share such vital information

So grateful for the awareness and for the information you provide for our people. God Bless you in the work that you do.

There are over 7,000 migration agents in Australia. However, Morunga Migration is the ONLY Agent that specialises in migration laws specific to NZers living here. These laws are complex to navigate and to interpret. MM have the expertise, training, and the motivation to assist those who want to become “safe” citizens.

Very informative, fun atmosphere.

​A lot of the info that was shared I read on your website and followed throughout fb. I know that if it wasn’t so crammed in 3 hours there would’ve been more content to absorb.

We can no longer he complacent. We have to accept that the reciprocal agreement we have all depended on, no longer exists. When we create a life here in Australia, we should start the process to citizenship, so that our futures are ours, and not determined by a system that is extremely fluid and has never been geared for New Zealanders. I have been here 22 years, have 3 Australian children and I started the process in 2017, that’s as far as I got. I achieved more today, than I have in 5 years. I appreciated “just because you’re an Australian Citizen, doesn’t make you a watered down New Zealander” I really needed to hear that.

Grateful for all the knowledge shared, to help me with the next step to securing my whanau future here in Australia. Can’t wait to book my consultation!Whea Erana your wairua and aroha for our people is felt in your korero. Nga mihi korua

​Enjoyed the information night at Minto. Wish we had longer to hear more. Thank you for a night.

I’ve been living in Australia from since ‘97 with a permanent resident status. If I knew all this information 20yrs ago I would’ve done my Australian citizenship ASAP.

Found this to be very informative. Answered a lot of questions for me. Unfortunately I don’t agree with immigration and their policies. Personally I think they are very unfair and not family orientated

​It is absolutely important that we get the right advice and not be mislead by individuals comments on FB or other information that people like to share. Morunga Migration opened my eyes to what we as NZers need to take seriously “You are either a Citizen or Non-Citizen” of Australia.

You need to do more sessions in Sydney – Social media needs to be flooded with the importance of the mahi you do

Absolutely mind blowing where we thought our status here in Australia was, Erina was amazing, you need to attend these seminars, the information they share is so alarming for our people, they are travelling near and far to help all those that need to hear this, my husband won a $495 voucher which we found was a big sign as we never win anything so we are starting our process of becoming Australian citizens, Thank you Erina and all the other beautiful people that set this up, SCAALA thank you also for providing food, drink and gifts, just overall kindness, stay blessed always xx

Even if you weren’t a NZ citizen and listened to info session you would still get a lot out of it! The simplicity of information of a complex law was brilliantly broken down to layman’s terms that anyone could understand.The analogies of L&P and full license aka citizenship really drove home the importance of getting from A to B👌🏾Mahalo to the Morunga whanau for your heart to help our polynesian people 🌺

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