Sub Class 189

Subclass 189 Visa – New Zealand Stream (exemption)

Please note: The following information is meant as a general guide only and not considered formal advice. Each situation should be assessed on its own merits.

An exemption of income exists for this visa for certain TY-444 visa holders such as:
  • An applicant who is prevented by the Family Court of Australia from leaving because they are the primary carer of a child.
  • An applicant who has been receiving compensation for an injury and if they return to NZ their ongoing rehabilitation and/or compensation would be discontinued.
  • Certain applicants who are on an approved parental or carer’s payment. Exempt applicants must have been earning the minimum amount prior to approved leave and has resumed or is expected to resume within a reasonable period and continue to earn no less than the minimum amount specified.


In addition, new exemptions exist for incomes that were below the $53,900 threshold for financial years 2019-2020 and 2020 and 2021 if a person’s income dropped below due to the affects of COVID.